the membership you've been waiting for:

marketing, mindset, and business Strategy

Whether you are in year zero or year twelve, the collective will help you to grow, rest, stretch, and learn as an entrepreneur - guaranteed.

A monthly educational membership for entrepreneurs

You were brave enough to start it, now let's kick it up a notch. Everything from being fearless to managing inconsistent monthly income is inside.

The Brave Business Collective was born from the idea that a coaching program could have a baby with a marketing degree and really serve my audience better than one-off courses you'll never finish.  From e-mail marketing to Pinterest, TikTok, money, mindset, websites, scope-creep, and more -- we will deep dive into topics each month with a guest speaker, group coaching calls, and community support to keep us in check.

who created this?

I'm Courtney - a retired 6f photographer turned web designer and business coach.

But honestly, my degree in Marketing doesn't hold a candle to what I've learned failing forward for over the last thirteen years.  Both my mistakes and my wins have given me an amazing opportunity to help others take messy action and keep moving forward.

- Courtney, Founder

But don't worry, this membership isn't just me 'popping in' to overwhelm you with new marketing lessons.  This collective is a community complete with monthly guest speakers I can't wait for you to meet.

what's inside?

marKEting education

Learn how to work with your dream clients without being a sleazeball.

mindset resets

We aren't all about hustle in here - we rest and take care of ourselves, too.

business lessons

No topic is off the table - we will talk about money, honey.

guest speakers

Our lineup is insane - they'll pour into the collective with all they've got.

group coaching

Monthly group coaching calls where we dive deeper into the month's topic.

community support

An active group of entrepreneurs ready to connect and lift you up.

let's be real.

Doing this alone is for the birds.

You may be in random groups on Facebook, chiming in when you can or asking questions when you have them, but the Collective is different. This community is different - with focused attention and open group calls each month. You can feel supported and seen - and that's what being a brave biz owner is all about.

With organized modules of each month's topic, guest speakers, and optional group calls, you'll be able to learn and implement things with my support as your personal coach and biggest cheerleader.

upcoming modules:


How to be Fearless in Your Business and Take Messy Action (Letting Go of Perfection)


Grow on Social Media by Being Yourself - Lessons from a TikToker with 60k Followers


What is the Client Experience and How Does a Good One Grow your Business?


What the H*ck are Funnels and How Do They Work with Pinterest?

And more already in the works!

who is this for?


New Business Owners

This is the kind of support I wish I had more of during my first years of business - community is key.


Overwhelmed Entrepreneurs

You're a seasoned pro, but flying by the seat of your pants at this point and need some support (and a nap).


Lifelong Learners

You love a good course, a good podcast, and a coaching call - consider this group all of the above.

the price

Join as a monthly or quarterly member.

Doors only open for a few days every quarter. You'll join for only $30/mo or save with a three month membership for $75.  (As prices increase, you'll always be locked into your current membership!)

doors open december 27th

personal business coach meets monthly marketing education

Within one amazing membership.

Along with monthly topics and guest speakers, I retired my e-mail marketing course and stopped my DIY your website video guide to include these within the membership, too!

Too long, didn't read.


+ monthly marketing/mindset topics

+ monthly guest speakers

+ ongoing support in the community

+ monthly group coaching calls

want something like that?

If you are a small business owner, you want to join this group! Courtney is the real deal.

I can't wait for this!

- shelbie louviere photography

join the collective


Doors are only open once every quarter.  Next open date: December 27th

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Frequently Asked Questions


Why did you change it from a community app to a Facebook group?

After asking other small business owners which option they preferred, the overwhelming majority agreed that they are more active in Facebook groups, would not download an app, and didn't want to learn how to use a new program to be in the membership - so I listened!  


Why are you only enrolling once per quarter instead of all the time?

Because like everything else in life, this collective will be planned and executed in seasons.  Speakers and topics are curated carefully and mindfully and we want you inside before we get them started.


Some of the topics I see don't totally align with my business, should I still join?

Absolutely.  The topics are a loose guide for the month, but we will continue to have conversations about all things marketing, mindset, business, and more.  Plus, you never know if something clicks and you get new knowledge that you didn't know you needed!


I'm just getting started with my business, would this be a good membership for me, too?

It may be one of the best decisions you'll make in the first years of your business - a solid foundation will take you faster and farther than throwing speghetti at the wall! Come in and see for yourself!

have more questions? reach out to me on instagram: @thebravebusinesscollective