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E-mail Marketing


If you've ever felt overwhelmed by the thought of growing a list and using e-mail to move the needle in your business, this course is for you.

learn the truth about attracting people to your list.

set up an evergreen workflow that runs on autopilot.

and get e-mail working for you in a way that feels good.

ready to level up your email?

all the details

We are taking the fear out of email and building our business on solid strategy.

I'll be the first to say that being able to build a business with social media is amazing, but I also know that social media can quickly have us burnt out and wondering how to crack the ever-changing algorithm.  In this course, you'll realize that pushing your audience to your list gives you the strong foundation you crave.

e-mail marketing has no algorithm.  100% of your list will have the option to open your email.

e-mail marketing has a 30% higher conversion rate than social media.

you can create evergreen workflows and have e-mails sent to subscribers on auto pilot.

courtney prejean, marketing mentor

I wish I would have figured out the power of e-mail marketing earlier in my business - once I did, I sold out tens of thousands of dollars in sessions every year with my VIP list.

who i am

.. and why do I share e-mail marketing with people on the internet?

I'm Courtney and I pivoted from over a decade of photography to work with my fellow female entrepreneurs to build the business of your dreams.  I used social media, e-mail, and my website to hit six figures working only a few days per week in the end of my photography career and I'm passionate about giving others the tools they need to earn more without burning the candle at both ends.

What's inside?

We will talk about lead magnets, ideas for your niche, and how to deliver them when subscribers are added to your list, on auto.

Set up an evergreen workflow that trickles out to each subscriber on autopilot to build trust and provide value in their inbox.

Swipe my e-mail templates to get a strong start with your workflow without overthinking - we are all about easy action here. 

building your list, fast

the evergreen workflow

bonus e-mail templates

“Three booked from that e-mail.. whaaaatttt!?”

courtney boss, PHOTOGRAPHER

“You teaching me about workflows is everything!”

abigail, holistic health coach

This course is for you    

You would love to cut back on social media and reach people in a better way.

You're tired of chasing the algorithm and you want peaceful marketing strategy.

You want to learn e-mail marketing the  quick and simple way - not overly 'techy' or complicated.


You're ready to fall in love with getting in your audience's inbox.

Ready to transform your biz?

THE                        E-MAIL MARKETING COURSE


Whether you've never started your list or you have one and have no idea what to do with it, this course will light your e-mail marketing fire.

quick and clear screen-share videos will walk you through every part of e-mail marketing.

swipe lead magnet ideas from the course so you can start providing value in exchange for e-mail addresses from excited potential clients

set up an evergreen workflow with me so that new subscribers hear from you for *weeks* while you sit back and relax (or work on the rest of your business).


and for only $67


Ways to Use E-mail Marketing in Your Biz

e-mail marketing guide

Wondering about ways you can incorporate some great e-mail strategies into you r business? Grab my free guide to how you can take advantage of e-mail marketing in creative, strategic ways.



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