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Serial entrepreneur, web designer, grassroots copywriter,  podcaster, and mentor just writing helpful things.

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I was an affiliate and had purchased the Tonic social media templates for Canva, but just did not want to buy a TONIC Showit Template...

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hello there.

I’m Courtney, the face plastered across this entire site.

My marketing degree doesn't hold a candle to my obsession to learn all things small business - especially after over a decade as a photographer.

I know the struggles you have - to be proud of the space you take up online and more importantly, for that space to bring in an income while you're doing something you truly love.

Crafting copy and customizing websites allows me to go into your world and do what I love - to help you stand apart and succeed in the endless sea of sameness on the internet.

mother - wife - gardener - chicken hugger - marketer - copywriter - designer


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Let's create some magic together.

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