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showit template customizations & copy

For photographers, coaches, coordinators, and creatives.

You want a beautiful, SEO optimized, conversion-driven space on the internet for your growing business without the headache of learning design nor committing to a custom website investment or timeline.

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You know it's time for a new and better website, right?

Showit template customization and copywriting

You don't have the time (nor the desire) to build out your own website, but you know that your current site doesn't represent you (or your rates) anymore.

You want to bless and release the work, but aren't into $8k custom projects that are high-touch and months long...

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What I do here:


SEO optimized Showit template customizations for photographers, coaches, and other creative entrepreneurs that are ready to grow.


Good copywriting should clarify your message without sacrificing personality so your clients feel connected and beyond ready to work with you.


You have your site, but may need to add pages, change images, or update services.  I'll dedicate an entire power day to your project.

hello there.

I’m Courtney, the face plastered across this entire site.

My marketing degree doesn't hold a candle to my obsession to learn all things small business - especially after over a decade as a photographer.

I know the struggles you have - to be proud of the space you take up online and more importantly, for that space to bring in an income while you're doing something you truly love.

Crafting copy and customizing websites allows me to go into your world and do what I love - to help you stand apart and succeed in the endless sea of sameness on the internet.

mother - wife - gardener - chicken hugger - marketer - copywriter - designer



Grab a template and pass it to me for a totally custom site launched in less than a week.  Need copy?  We can do that, too!

a power day just for you

the vip day

For the entrepreneurs that just need a little help with their site or copy without a full project on the calendar.


words matter!  let's write some.

Having a hard time writing your website or sales page?  I'll take all the info, do my own research and write them for you.

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The Barely Domesticated Podcast is such a fun little passion project for me - make sure to listen to a few episodes and add it to your library for when I have guests on the show.

NO. 1 - EPISODE one


No. 2 - Episode two


No. 3 - Episode three


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an honest review of

northfolk's revolving revenue

The COMPLETE start-to-finish course for Showit DESIGNERS to help build & launch their automated template shop: is it worth joining when you're ready to scale your design business?

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why I waited so long

for a tonic showit template

 If you’ve been shopping for Showit website templates for any length of time, you must have realized that there are literally thousands.

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Hannah Reed + Co

pinterest for photogs

Hannah is a Pinterest queen and I reached out to her to shed some light on the darkness of Pinterest for photographers.  She agreed to guest blog for me and I cannot wait to share what she says about getting on Pinterest.

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Ways to Use E-mail Marketing in Your Biz

e-mail marketing guide

Wondering about ways you can incorporate some great e-mail strategies into you r business? Grab my free guide to how you can take advantage of e-mail marketing in creative, strategic ways.

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Let's create some magic together.

Once you're ready to get your project on the books, head over to the contact form and choose what best fits your website/copy/business goals.  I'll respond within 24 hours with my availability and to collaborate with ideas!



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