Courtney Prejean


louisiana girl

Catch me outside in crocs with our chickens and garden, but also in an oversized blazer creating (elevated) websites.  It's a vibe.

When I'm not lit up by the light of a laptop crafting copy and sites for myself and others, you might find me somewhere on our twelve acres gardening, feeding chickens, or on the lawn mower with a cold one.

You can usually guess there's a small business podcast on in my earphones or maybe blasting a female country artist like Lainey Wilson or Reba.

I'm a wife to a supportive husband and mom to three kiddos that are "hybrid homeschooled" three days per week (look into it, it's such a great balance!)

Other things that define me: Jesus is king, I believe we can do anything we push through the fear to get to, and I'm a total female entrepreneur hype girl after I failed hella forward for over a decade with a great photography career.

I hope this gives you a little insight on who you'll be workin' with.  Just a laid back girl livin' the dream.

i'm a mom first

I'm so passionate about the self-paced life.  I believe our families are number one.

the founder


I've left social media more times than I can count but my website has always been my solid foundation.

You know the burned out feeling you get when you realize you spend more time on your phone than you should?  When I get those, I tend to start deactivatin' and deletin'. 

I always go back, but it's definitely taught me that keeping a strong website presence is important to me - and I love giving that security to others, too! 

Also, my photography page was hacked and is now a chinese golf store, so.




the garden is my happy place


I was a photographer for 12 years until we sold my home studio


my best work is sometimes just an all nighter


my kids are total country hybrid homeschooled kids with chickens on 12 acres of woods

let's work together

websites & copywriting

For photographers, coaches, creatives, planners, social media managers, and more.



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